Advertise With Us!

The Frugal Family is happy to consider new advertisers.  We will only promote products we believe in, will only give our honest opinion and will only promote products that we agree with, morally.

The Frugal Family averages 4,000 views per day.  As a newer blog (Started October 26, 2010), we feel like this is a fantastic number of views.  Wouldn't it be nice to have your business, blog or event displayed in front of that many people per day?

Targeting our Audience:
70 % of our audience are Females, ages 25-44
24% of our audience are Females, 18-24 and 45 and over
6% of our audience are Males

We have a very large number of Central Illinois readers but are also rapidly growing outside of this area with at least 40% of our readers outside of Central Illinois.

We currently have around 3,500 fans on Facebook and that number grows each day.
We have been featured on WAND-TV (NBC affiliate) and in the Champaign News Gazette as well as other publications and radio stations.  I have weekly speaking engagements to audiences of 20-150+ which are advertised on local radio stations and in local newspapers. 


The average blogger's price of ad placement is $0.50-$1 per 1,000 views per month on your page.  That would mean I would charge, $60-$120/month for an ad.  However, this is a money saving site and I don't imagine myself bringing in the big bucks! 

So...If you're interested in advertising with The Frugal Family, there are several options.
  • Static Ad Placement
    • 125x125 -$25 per month or $50 for 3 months
    • 250x250 -$30 per month or $60 for 3 months
    • Your ad will be in the right sidebar of my blog.
  • Sponsored Posts/Reviews 
    • I am happy to review your product for you, but I will give an honest opinion.  Email me with your product or business and we will discuss your product and I will review pricing with you. 
  • Giveaways - FREE!
    • You tell me what you'd like to give away and I'll set it up.  I will only give away family friendly items that will be beneficial to my readers.  You are responsible for shipping the item to the winner. 
    • A Giveaway is an excellent way for you to promote your business.  You're giving away something you're selling and my readers benefit from it as well. I get nothing from it, but you do and so do my readers, and that's important to me.
  • Promotional Posts - $5 
    • I am happy to promote your family friendly event for you for a small fee.  For example, if you're considering radio or print advertising, this might be a better targeted area for your product or sale and will most likely cost much less. 

All of the above listed options will also be featured on The Frugal Family's Facebook page.

To advertise with us or for more information, please email