Thursday, May 7, 2015

Blogging for Profit

Hi ladies,

Thanks so much for allowing me to share with you about blogging for profit.  I truly appreciate the chance to help.

I have been blogging for a few years now and in the beginning it was a good income (within 2 years, I was making $1,000 a month, I felt that was good for what I was doing).  Over the last couple of years, Facebook has made changes that have been very hard on the smaller business pages and that has affected my income greatly.

One of the easiest ways to begin making money from your blog is to use Google Adsense, with very little effort, you can allow ads on your blog and you will make money just from having those run.  What you earn is based on people visiting your blog, so the more people reading, the more money you receive.

You can also become an affiliate with different sites and run ads for them.  Unlike Google, these pay when a reader clicks, and/or orders.  You are given a specific link to share with your readers and will be paid from the program.  Here are my favorites:

Escalate Network

My Savings

Share A Sale


Rakuten Linkshare

Glitter Network

CenterPoint Media

It is easy to become an affiliate with any (or all) of the above companies and begin running their ads in your posts and/or on your blog.  By signing up with any of those, by using the links I provided, you help me and then you can share your links with others and you will benefit.

To gain followers, you can do many things, but patience is still required.  ;)

For Facebook, it is very important to post at least daily!!  Now, if you look at my page right now, you will see I have been on vacation and my posts have not been daily or regular for some time.  BUT, the more you post and interact on Facebook, the more followers you will gain.  Learn (by using analytics - on blog and FB) who your audience is and when they are online.  Make sure to post during those times.

An occasional sponsored FB post is worth the money.  I'm talking like $5 once a month or so.
Also, you do not want to auto post to FB, posts coming from an automated program are barely put into followers newsfeeds, so be sure you manually post on your blog's FB page.

It's important to leave links to your posts on other blog and FB pages.  Maybe you see a post similar to something you have written about, make a comment and leave a link.

Also, doing giveaways on FB are a great way to add followers.  I will ask for people to share my posts to gain entries.  And, on each side of my giveaway post, I will make sure to have a post with a great ad because that's what everyone is seeing when they come to enter.

On FB, when you share something that you know certain friends would be interested in, tag them.  That not only makes them more likely to see it, but their friends now have the opportunity as well.  Occasionally post to your personal page - not every day LOL, but sometimes.  Don't hesitate to ask your friends and family to share your post, they often are happy to help.  :)

I think those are the main things, but if more come to mind, I will share them as well.

What questions do you have for me?

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