Thursday, December 11, 2014

FREE eBook: The Outward-Focused Life: Becoming a Servant in a Serve-Me World

I haven't read this, but I'm getting it now, because it sounds great! The Outward-Focused Life: Becoming a Servant in a Serve-Me World is FREE right now (reg. $15).

Back Cover:

What if, more than anything else, Christians were known for being servants? In Dave Workman's collection of biblical reflections, poignant stories, and practical ideas, you'll be challenged to develop the outward-focused life . . . and discover the simple joy of being the Body of Christ in a love-starved world.

"Dave dreams of a time when Christians are known for the way they love and serve and seek the common good. If enough of us take to heart his message about servanthood and the outward-focused life, we could help make that dream come true."--Brian McLaren, author, Everything Must Change

"Few things would be more powerful than the realization of Workman's prediction that servanthood will soon become the defining characteristic of Christians. These short, lively pieces--packed full of fascinating stories--show you how to serve."--Ronald J. Sider, author, The Scandal of Evangelical Politics; president, Evangelicals for Social Action

"The last time I saw Dave, he was skateboarding over to the children's church to show them how fun, how relevant, and how balanced a Christian can really be. Loving and serving others with no strings attached was truly the way that Jesus fished. Follow Dave's advice--if you can catch him!"--Laurie Beth Jones, author, Jesus, CEO; The Path; and Jesus, Life Coach

"Dave Workman, through amazing, imagination-shaping stories, shows us all how to participate in the Christ-life of an others-focused, outward life."--Todd Hunter, President, Alpha USA

"The big things in life are caught--and then clarified with words. So it is with serving. Dave shows us that with his Velcro-like stories."--Steve Sjogren, author, Conspiracy of Kindness

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