Monday, December 8, 2014

$2/1 Calendula Coupon

I am highly allergic to many first aid type creams and ointments - but Calendula is one thing I can use so I am excited about this CVS coupon!  Click above to print.

  • Redeem this coupon @ CVS

  • Calendula helps promote the healing of: irritated skin after shaving; cuts and scrapes; rashes; insect bites; sunburn; windburn; minor burns; etc.

  • The flowers of the Calendula plant (the active ingredient in Boiron Calendula) have been used topically for generations to naturally heal skin irritations.

  • Calendula Facts: Unscented; Paraben-Free; available in Cream, Gel, Lotion & Ointment formulas; No Drug Interactions; Natural Active Ingredients; No Artificial Colors or Preservatives; Works Naturally With Your Body.

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