Friday, August 29, 2014

Yesterday's Target Trip

Ok, this wasn't the best trip ever, but it was still pretty good, so I figured I'd share because people are always asking how much I save and if it's really worth traveling out of town.  

In addition to this Target trip, I redeemed a coupon for a FREE Tote from Victoria's Secret and my 40% off an item at Micheal's.  So, I definitely made the trip worth it!

I will give you the best breakdown I can but you will have to find the coupon sources on the Coupon Database.

Finish Detergent, $2.99
Use the $1/1 Target Q 
AND the $1/1 Mfg. Q 

Russell Stover Candy, $0.50 each (the best buy date is Feb. 2015 so these are going in stockings, shhh, don't tell)
(Reg. $1)

Grill Thermometer, $3.98 (this is also a Christmas gift)
(Reg. $7.99)

Baby Headband, $3.99

Crayons, $0.50 each

Always Pads, $5.49
Get $5 Gift Card wyb 3
Use the $1/2 Target Q
AND the $3/3, PG

Use the $10/$50, in ad grocery q

Red Baron Pizza, $3.33 each
Use the $1/2 Q

Green Giant, $0.98 each
(Reg. $1.99)

Hormel REV Wraps, $1.66
Use the $1/2 Target Q 
AND the 30% off Target Cartwheel 

Hot Pockets, $1.87 each
B4G1 FREE (Frozen Items)
Use the $1/4 Target Q 

Bagel Bites, $1.99
This was part of the above B4G1
Use the $0.50/1 Mfg. Q

Kids' Cereal, $2.50-$2.84
Get $5 Gift Card wyb 5
Used various coupons
AND the 10% off Post Target Cartwheel 

Crunch Girl Scout Cookie Bars, $0.38 each
(Reg. $0.79)

Hillshire American Craft, $3.14
Use the $1/1
AND the 10% Target Cartwheel 

Johnsonville Rope Sausage, $2.99 each
Use the BOGO Mfg. Q

Johnsonville Smoked Sausage, $2.99 each
Use the BOGO Mfg. Q

M&M's, $10.49
BOGO 1/2 Off
Use the $1/2 Mfg. Q

Bananas, $0.29 each (I thought it was a lb. - this was not a good deal!) They are $0.29/lb. at County Market with Penny Pincher, go there LOL
Use the 5% off Target Cartwheel 

Retail Amount, $120.06
Red Card Savings, $3.10
Paid $65.53 OOP
Got $10 Gift Cards
Final Price - $55.53 - That's a saving of 54%

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