Tuesday, August 5, 2014

IGA 4 Day Meat Sale, August 6-9, 2014

These prices are for the Tuscola, IL. IGA 4 Day Meat Sale, August 6-9, 2014. To see the ad in your area, click HERE. If you're new to couponing, you might want to read the Coupon Terms and Abbreviations on the left side of our blog.

Please remember that not all regions get the same coupons so you may not have received all coupons listed.

80% Lean Ground Beef, $2.69/lb.

Pilgrim's Chicken Thighs or Drumsticks, $0.99/lb.

Boneless Half Pork Loin, $2.69/lb.

Whole Pork Butt, $2.29/lb.

Pork Riblets, $1.69/lb.

Boneless Pork Tenderloin Tips, $1.99/lb.

Whole Frozen Turkey Breast, $1.49/lb.

Boneless Bottom Round Roast, $2.88/lb.

IGA Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts, 2.5 lb., $4.499

Pork Burgers or Sausage Patties, $2.29/lb.

Sliced Bacon, $2.99/lb.

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