Thursday, August 25, 2011

DIY Adorable Wipes Container for Homemade Lysol or Baby Wipes!

In the last week or so I've shared the recipe for Homemade Baby Wipes and Homemade Lysol Wipes.  Shelly, one of our readers, sent me this cute picture of her Homemade Wipes Container!  It's so cute!  Here's what she said about it. 

I wanted to share a picture of the wipe container that I made today. I always had trouble finding the correct size for storage but today as I emptied out my Folger's coffee container it dawned on me how perfect it would work.

I pulled a cute pair of tights over the container with the legs at the bottom. Then, I cut off the legs, tied a pretty bow and added a pink flower. Oh, I bleached out the coffee smell first!

Thanks for sharing your picture, Shelly!  This is so cute! 

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  1. LOVE IT! I make my own wipes but wasn't sure how to decorate the container.