Tuesday, January 18, 2011

FREE Leapster Explorer Leaplet App!!!

LeapFrog Leapster Explorer Learning Game System (Green)

Monday I went to IGA to get the Cheerio deal and bought a box of Chocolate Cheerios.  The box had a picture of a Leapster Explorer on it.  Inside is a coupon to get $10 OFF the purchase of a Leapster and also a 16 digit code for a FREE Leaplet App.  The Leaplet Apps are around $7 or $8 I think.  Molly got a Leapster for Christmas so she was very excited to get her FREE download tonight.  They give you the Alphabet Stew game so you can't pick which one you want, but FREE is FREE!!!  She was happy to get a new download tonight and I was happy it was FREE!  Look for boxes of Chocolate Cheerios with the Leapster on the front!  I have an extra code if any of you want it.  My email address is thefrugalfamily@ymail.com so email if you want it!

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