Friday, September 19, 2014

6 New Hasbro Game Coupons

Print these now and start watching for the sales.  Be thinking about your Christmas list.

$3.00 off any MONOPOLY or SCRABBLE game
$3.00 off any TWISTER, JENGA, or GAME OF LIFE game
$2.00 off any YAHTZEE game from Hasbro
$3.00 off any OPERATION or BATTLESHIP game
$2.00 off any CLUE or GUESS WHO? game from Hasbro
$2.00 off one CONNECT 4, SORRY! or TROUBLE game

Are you using Swagbucks today?

Fridays on means one thing: Mobile Swag Bucks Day!  

What is Mobile Swag Bucks Day? It is a day filled with opportunities to win bonus Swag Bucks for sharing images of your Swag Buck wins on your mobile phone. To win, share any SB award from a mobile device, such as: 
  • Search win from the mobile app 
  • Answering the Daily Poll on the mobile app 
  • Discover awards on the mobile app 
  • Awards for watching SBTV Mobile 
  • Awards for watching EntertaiNOW app 
  • Redeeming a Swag Code on the mobile app 
Don't have the Swagbucks app / Is the app not available in your area? You can post your SB wins from the Swagbucks mobile site! No matter where you are, just take a screenshot of your mobile win and share it on Swagbucks Facebook or Swagbucks Twitter including #MSBD and your swag name. Throughout the day they will randomly choose members and award them 25 SB!

Save a Lot 48 Hour Sale, Sept. 19-20, 2014

Here are the Deals for Save A Lot's 48 Hour Sale, Sept. 19-20, 2014
Save A Lot does accept manufacturer's coupons. 

Bone-In Pork Steak, $1.99/lb.

Coburn Farms Large Eggs, 1 Dozen, $0.99

Fairgrounds Hot Dogs, $0.69

Dole Whole White or Baby Portabella Mushrooms, $0.99 each

California Cantaloupe, $0.99 each

Mini Carrots, 1 lb., $0.79

It's that time - see what's coming in Sunday's Paper.

Click HERE to see the list of upcoming coupon inserts and decide how many papers you will be needing tomorrow.

Did you know that the recommended number for "extreme couponers" is 1 for each member of the family and pet(s)? 

If you've seen my coupon binder, you know this is also where I go to print out the list of coupons.  I then slip the list into the front of the inserts (in the page protectors).

FREE Krispy Kreme? Yes, Please. I mean, Aaargh, give me those!

Today, Sept. 19, 2014 is National Talk Like A Pirate Day and talking like a pirate at Krispy Kreme will get you a FREE Glazed Doughnut!  Yum, yum!  If you really love FREE Kripsy Kreme, dress like a pirate and head in today to receive a Dozen FREE Glazed Doughnuts.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

FREE Sample of Always Discreet

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Plum Organics BOGO Coupon

Click here to get your BOGO Plum Organics coupons.

Save $39 and get Faith and Learning for just $0.99!!

WOW, the Kindle Edition of Faith and Learning is only $0.99 right now - save $39!!

Book Description

 April 9, 2012
Faith and learning, scholarship and piety, Christian tradition and intellectual inquiry, head and hearts: How do these things come together in an informative, enriching, and interdependent way?

The calling of Christian higher education is to reflect the life of Christ and to shine the light of truth. That distinctive mission cannot be forced into an either/or framework but rather a both/and calling. It is a commitment to Jesus Christ himself, who is both fully God and fully human and who for Christian educators is both light and life.

This multi-authored volume, with dynamic contributions from entry-level faculty members to seasoned scholars, explores the question of the Christian faith’s place on the university campus, whether in administrative matters, the broader academic world, or in student life.

Philosophy, Sociology, Science, Arts, Business, Media; Faith and Learning explores how significant Christian thinkers have addressed such topics and their related issues throughout the history of the church. The historical, theological, and biblical framework will help students interact with and engage contemporary challenges to the Christian faith in the various fields of study and inquiry.

Contributors include Harry L. Poe, Gene C. Fant, Jr., Ken Magnuson, Klaus Issler, Gregory A. Thornbury, Taylor Worley, John T. Netland, Scott Huelin, James A. Patterson, Hunter Baker, Roman R. Williams, Steve Halla, Christopher W. Mathews, Kevin Trowbridge, Mark Bolyard, Jeannette Russ, E. Blake Watkins, Mary Anne Poe, Emily Lean, Thomas Rosebrough, Ralph Leverett, Kimberly C. Thornbury, and C. Ben Mitchell.

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2 FREE eBooks - Crazy Mama and A Quest For More

Crazy Mama: 9 Steps to a Not-So-Normal Life -FREE (reg. $15.95)

Book Description

 August 21, 2014
Do you ever feel like you're missing out on the good life? Normal definitely isn't working, so why not try a little "crazy" for a change? You are blessed beyond belief, but if you don't act on that blessing, you will never see the results in your life. Hannah Keeley reveals a 9-step plan to get blessed beyond your wildest dreams. Each chapter comes with videos, audios, and other resources that take you from where you are to where you want to be. It's time to take action! It's time to be one crazy mama!

This book was previously released under the title, "Crazy Blessed."

Also enjoy A Quest for More: Living for Something Bigger than You FREE right now, reg. $17.99!

Book Description

 October 31, 2007
Paul David Tripp expertly traverses the deepest recesses of the human heart and compassionately invites fellow Christian travelers to journey with him into God's bigger kingdom.

The author promises readers that they will be encouraged, excited, and motivated by hope as they learn how to set aside their "little kingdom" attachments which can expertly masquerade within the church as Christian activism, legalism, emotionalism, formalism, creedalism, and externalism; in favor of God's expansive and soul-freeing eternal quest. Tripp demonstrates through sound biblical principles how humanity is made by God to transcend far beyond the mere physical realm and is likewise created to be "glory junkies;" those whose visionary lives are governed by God's grand purposes rather than existing only within their narrow self-interested confines. 
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Silk $1/1 Coupon

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